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Donjoy Back | Estabrooks Orthopedic Bracing

Donjoy Back

Low or Reg Profile Back

The DonJoy Regular and Low Profile braces provide rigid anterior and posterior compression from L1-S1. The 10″ Regular model is designed for patients with longer torsos. The 8″ Low Profile brace will accommodate most patients. Simple Velcro closure allows for ease of application and removal. Patented Mechanical Advantage Pulley System provide smooth and uniform compression. The easy to use pull handle enables patient to quickly adjust brace to the desired level of comfort and the breathable interior spacer fabric with outer mesh allows heat to escape without compromising back brace performance. It is designed for low back pain, low back sprains and strains, lumbar disc displacement, osteoporosis, disc degeneration, disc herniation, post-operative laminectomy, post-operative discectomy, IDET procedure and spondylolisthesis.

Donjoy TLSO

The TLSO is a unique prefabricated brace for post-operative, post-traumatic, or chronic spinal pathology. The TLSO provides full-circumferential rigid support from the scapular thoracic region (T2/T3) of the spine down to the Sacroccygeal junction (S1). It is designed to create a 3-point force system, consisting of a posteriorly directed force from the sternal and pubic pads, and an anteriorly directed force from the thoracolumbar pad. The pressure created restricts forward flexion and encourages a hyperextension posture. This posture increases lumbar lordosis and resists lateral and rotary movements of the spine. Duel Lacer Compression panels provide secure fit and optimal circumferential compression. It is easily adjusted to the desired height and has quick release should buckles and Velcro closure to allow easy fitting.


The “S-I” Support supports the base of the spine, allowing for lumbar mobility while providing pelvic stability. The “S-I” Support utilizes an anatomically compatible padding and tightening system that creates an extension force on the sacrum and a compressive force on the soft tissues and joint surfaces of the sacroiliac region. These combined forces from the back, coupled with the posterior iliac rotation force from the front converge to create Sacroiliac stabilization. It is also availability in maternity style.


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