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Fitting Process | Estabrooks Orthopedic Bracing

Fitting Process

Proper fitting of your orthopedic support product is the key to it improving your quality of life. Each product has unique attributes which requires specific instructions for achieving the ultimate fit. At Estabrooks Orthopedic Bracing, we will walk you through the entire process to ensure you fully understand proper fit. If you are interested in trying a support product to help relieve your pain, simply follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Give us a Call

We will talk about what your doctor diagnosed and how we can help you.

Step 2: Set up an Appointment

Arrange a complimentary, no-obligation assessment to discuss a suitable support product. This session also includes guidance on payment options available.

Step 3: Fitting and Results

Final meeting to educate you on fitting and proper care for your support product. We encourage follow-up appointments via phone, email or in-person to ensure your support product is fitting properly.

For more information on fitting; follow these links to commonly used braces and learn more about their fitting techniques:

Unloader One Brace: http://ossur.com/lisalib/getfile.aspx?itemid=15695

Custom CTi Knee Brace: http://ossur.com/lisalib/getfile.aspx?itemid=10870

Donjoy Custom OA Knee Brace: http://www.donjoy.com/PDF/acl_oa_fitting_guide.pdf


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