Knee Pain – Is it changing your lifestyle

Do you have knee pain, aching, stiffness and soreness after long periods of inactivity; mild to severe pain after overuse or ascending or descending stairs?  These are common symptoms of Osteoarthritis (OA).  Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative joint disease, is the most common type of arthritis affecting one in ten of Canadian adults.  It can affect any joint but commonly occurs in weight bearing joints such as the knee.  The cartilage (firm, rubbery material) that covers the ends of the bones in normal joints acts as a shock absorber.  Over time, the cartilage may wear away in some areas decreasing its ability to cushion the bone.  As this happens tendons and ligaments stretch, causing pain.  As the condition worsens the bones may rub against each other.    Osteoarthritis can be caused by many factors including heredity, obesity, injury or joint overuse.

A safe, non-invasive viable option is an Osteoarthritis Unloader knee brace specifically designed to treat OA.  It stabilizes the joint, reduces pain and helps to build stronger muscles allowing patients to return to the activities they love whether that is everyday living or sports.  OA braces relieve pain by redistributing the weight bearing load on the painful or affected compartment of the joint to the healthy or unaffected compartment.  Increased function studies have shown that wearing an OA brace can increase daily functions and decrease pain. Patients diagnosed with OA who wear a knee brace will generally feel better in the morning, be more active during the day, and rest more comfortably at night. Braces cannot cure osteoarthritis and may not be right for everyone however, it is a viable and successful solution for many people. The ideal candidates are typically people who are motivated to strengthen their muscles and willing to wear a brace to realize the benefits of this form of treatment.  There are many different types of OA braces designed for all activity levels.  It is important that you be assessed by a professional who takes all aspects of your health, life style and body type into consideration.  Most insurance companies cover OA braces if prescribed by a medical professional.

Jen Estabrooks, Certified Fitter and Owner of Estabrooks Orthopedic Bracing providing no obligation assessments at Cole Harbour Chiropractic Clinic, Cole Harbour; Bluennose Physiotherapy, Halifax or home visits to those who prefer in home assessment. If you have any questions please visit or call 902-225-3295.

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