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Ossur Ankle/Foot | Estabrooks Orthopedic Bracing

Ossur Ankle/Foot

GameDay Ankle

Whether for post-injury support or prophylactic use, the GameDay Ankle Brace is equipped for the task. Figure-8 strapping provides inversion/eversion support and compression that mimics athletic taping. However, unlike athletic taping, the GameDay can be quickly and easily adjusted without shoe removal. The GameDay ankle brace is designed for mild to moderate ankle sprains and strains (Grade I and II), chronic ankle instability, prophylactic use.  It has made of a durable ballistic nylon shell with inner non-slip coating adds support by reducing slippage, circumferential elastic cuff containing laces and provides support/stability, compression and pain relief Application is simple and can be performed by athletes Low profile design fits easily into most athletic shoes.

Foot up

Foot-up is a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that offers dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints. This revolutionary orthosis provides visible improvement in gait by supporting the foot the moment it is raised. It is a dynamic support for drop foot or similar complaints for which support of dorsiflexion is desirable. The Foot-up has a cushioned ankle wrap made from a breathable, 3-layer material that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. The plastic inlay fits discreetly between the tongue and laces of the shoe and is practically invisible when worn.


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