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Donjoy Wrist | Estabrooks Orthopedic Bracing

Donjoy Wrist

CXT Wrist/SXT Wrist

The DonJoy Functional Wrist Brace helps restore function and structural characteristics to an injured wrist. The brace offers variable extension stops with the option to control radial/ulnar deviation. The open palm design allows for gripping motion for a return to work or sport. Available in Carbon Fiber (CXT) or a high strength composite material (SXT). The brace has variable extension control (60°, 40°, 20°, 0°). To avoid excessive extension of the wrist, rigid stability. The open palm design allows gripping motion. The CXT and SXT braces have lateral motion control, optional radial ulnar stop, low profile fit and can be worn with sporting gear.

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