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Bauerfeind Compression Therapy | Estabrooks Orthopedic Bracing

Bauerfeind Compression Therapy

Venotrain Micro

The most popular compression stocking with the highest level of customer satisfaction is the VenoTrain® micro. Made with 50% microfiber, it is particularly soft and gentle on your skin. Moisture is transported away from your skin, air can circulate to your skin preventing unpleasant build-up of heat. The smooth, elastic knit stimulates circulation and relieves pressure on your veins. Choose from a wide range of sophisticated colors including a seasonal selection of fashion colors. The VenoTrain Micro protects against the development of varicose veins. It has a foot release zone for all day wearing comfort and is available as (Perfect Fit) ready-to-wear and custom-made.

Venotrain Implus

VenoTrain impuls+ is a reliable and uncomplicated companion in everyday life. Deep action plus comfort: Thanks to its innovative, seamless knit construction and its high microfiber content of over 40 percent, the specialist in advanced vein problems offers effective support for natural vein functions with easy handling and high wearing comfort. VenoTrain Implus+ gives noticeable relief for deep leg veins. It is very effective even with low levels of muscular movement.

Venotrain Business

The ideal companion at work – all day every day. Sitting or standing for prolonged periods can lead to heavy, often swollen legs and varicose veins. Mobility is reduced and the risk of thrombosis increases. VenoTrain® business helps you to guard against these problems effectively. This modern compression stocking with fashionably discreet ribbed appearance has been developed particularly for men and offers a special material combination for a high level of wearing comfort, durability and long-lasting fresh and healthy foot conditions. VenoTrain Business Tactel® sports fiber draws moisture away. It has cotton on the inside for first-class wearing comfort and reinforced, antimicrobial high-tech soles.

Venotrain Sport

The VenoTrain Sport is the first sport stocking that meets the requirements for medical compression stockings and is perfectly adapted to the needs of athletes. The compression effect has been proven to optimally enhance blood circulation, and also reduces both swelling and the risk of muscular micro-tears (muscular soreness) and supports regeneration following physical exertion. The VenoTrain sport provides valuable support for every discipline in both amateur and competitive sport: the improved circulation in the leg increases the oxygen supply, which is of great benefit. Shorter regeneration times between competitions, a reduction in typical athlete conditions, such as swollen feet, and increased stabilization help you to progress safely. The high microfiber content makes the stocking easy to put on and offers optimal wearing comfort, temperature and moisture regulation.

Venotrain Ulcertec

Venous ulcers are the most severe type of chronic vein problem. VenoTrain® ulcertec has been developed to provide a successful and comfortable compression therapy solution for this condition. It will not slip. It exerts required gradient compression on the lower leg to allow the ulcer to heal.

The combination of a liner and outer stocking increases the pressure on the veins and stays in place, even during walking.


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